Why Rent Chickens?

Keeping chickens is fun, until it's not.

It's not something you hear very often. Rent chickens? Why would you do that? How does that work?

In Spring, Summer, and Fall, a bit of work is all that's needed in exchange for eggs and charming company. Come Winter in New Hampshire, however, it's not as much fun. Trudging through the snow to keep waterers from freezing and managing birds that are bored and cranky due to the lack of pasture while getting less eggs is not a lot of fun. With renting, you can enjoy the Spring, Summer, and Fall while letting us deal with the Winter.

Winter bird

Renting chickens also means that there is no guessing. Everything you need is delivered to your home, along with the hens that are already of laying age, and set up by people that know the birds and the equipment. We take an hour and walk you through the equipment and introduce you to your new chickens. You have 24 hour phone support in case of questions and emergencies to help you care for your hens. This makes it the perfect way to get into chicken keeping with less risk or confusion.

Coop tunneling

Renting chickens also lets you try keeping chickens with no risk. If you discover that it's not for you, you don't have to worry about having a bunch of equipment and birds to rehome. Try it for a year and see if you enjoy it before committing to your own coop and flock.

Just getting outside