2016 Price List

Basic coop rental includes everything you need to keep your chickens through your rental period:

  • A coop with an attached run
  • A feeder, waterer, and dish for oyster shell
  • Three bags of feed (150 pounds)
  • A bag of oyster shell
  • 2 bales of shavings
  • 2 hens of laying age
  • Our owner's manual
  • 24 hour phone support
This package costs $60 USD per month + $150 Reservation fee

Add ons available:

  • Additional hen (up to 4 hens in a coop) - $5 USD per month per hen
  • Organic feed - TBD per month
  • Nest box herbs - TBD per month
  • Treats
    • Mealworms - TBD per month
    • Cracked corn - $5 USD per month
    • Mix - $6 USD per month

We offer a 5% discount for police, firefighters, EMTs, and military. If a uniformed customer is deployed and needs their chickens cared for, we will collect and babysit your chickens at no fee while you are gone.