Our Coops

All of our coops are handmade by Joe. They are made to hold 2-4 birds through spring, summer, and fall. There is a coop to roost in at night with a roosting bar, three nesting boxes for laying eggs, and a run for the chickens to explore during the day.

We offer a larger stationary coop and run, that is designed for smaller or uneven yards

These stationary coop and runs have a solid floor in the coop with the nesting boxes mount on the front, and a large door on the side for easy cleaning. The stationary coop will need periodic cleaning determined my the number of birds and weather conditions. As a worse case scenario, cleaning should not be required more than once a week. The bedding material from cleaning is great for composting and mulching. If mulching without composting, only use to mulch non-edible plants. With a stationary coop the chickens will scratch up the ground in the run. If you choose to place the coop in the same place year after year, this spot will be very fertile soil but the chickens will keep anything from growing in that spot while they are there. If you rotate the coop location each year, we have seen the ground grow much more vigorously that the area surrounding it. Either choice is good, and they will both leave you with a patch of fertile ground.

And a smaller light mobile coop and run that will enable you to tractor your chickens around your yard, giving the chickens access to fresh grass. This model is still under development, but we are work hard to have it available for the the 2016 season. The challenge to overcome is producing a coop and run that is large and sturdy enough to protect the chickens and handle being moved around for multiple seasons while still being light enough that a single person can reasonable move it. The prototype mobile coop is currently a little too flimsy to last and had some ergonmic issues for feeding and watering.

The mobile coop will have a open floor so each time the coop is move you will leave the rich fertilizer in place. If the coop is moved every few days, you should see a path of lush green lawn growing and not a pile chicken poo.

The coops also include a 3 pound feeder, an automated waterer, and a dish for oyster shell.

feeder, waterer, treats

The top of the coop lifts open to allow for easy cleaning and egg collection. feeder, waterer, treats

The coop is easily moved by two people to new locations. Or one person with an optional wheel kit. It is easiest to move the coop and run after the chickens have gone in to roost in the evening.

feeder, waterer, treats