About Us

Rent A Chicken New Hampshire is owned by Joe Whitmore and Catie Petersen. Natives of the Midwest, we arrived in New England in 2003 when Joe was stationed at Hanscom AFB. We moved to New Hampshire in 2013, buying the house of our dreams in Lyndeborough. Joe is a computer engineer and Catie is an analyst working from home.

couple pictures

In 2015, we started building up Rent a Chicken NH to share how much we've enjoyed keeping chickens. Lots of friends tell us that they wish they could keep chickens, but they weren't sure how to start or thought they would be difficult. Now we have an opportunity to show everyone how easy chickens are to keep, how charming they are, and what a difference it makes to eat fresh eggs from happy chickens living healthy lives.

New flock at a few days old.
New flock at approaching 2 weeks.
Old girl from our first flock.

Joe manages coop construction, infrastructure, and website maintenance. Catie is the head chicken wrangler, raising and caring for the chickens that are available as well as her personal breeding flocks. She raises two rare breeds of chicken, Chantecler and Nankin, and Muscovy ducks. Peyton, the 13 pound rescue dog, is our chicken herding dog.

3rd round of duckling in 2015.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about Rent a Chicken NH or keeping chickens, we're always happy to talk poultry! service@rentachickennh.com